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Flowering Under the Full Moon:
Summer Solstice Retreat

June 20 - 23, 2024, immerse yourself in the transformative energies of the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice- a celebration of flourishing, radiant renewal, and nourishing individual gifts. Join Co-Creators of Zen Heart Center, Kelly George and Debbie Carlson-Gould, for an extraordinary soul-nourishing journey for women, at Frog Creek Lodge in Washington State.


Discover the Blooming Within
As the sun reaches its zenith and the full moon graces the night sky, our retreat becomes a haven for self-discovery and growth. Explore the profound beauty of your unique gifts and talents amidst the lush and tranquil surroundings of Frog Creek Lodge in Lakebay, WA, USA.

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Rediscover Your Essence

Life is full of stressors, and sometimes we lose track of who we are at our core. Immerse yourself in the natural world and engage in deep self care and nourishing rituals to rediscover deep connection to yourself and the universe around you.

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Revitalize Your Spirit

As we observe the blossoming of life around us, we receive the energy of  vitality and experience awe for the generosity of the Earth. Let this be a transformative chapter in your story.

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Relax Into Support

Supported by compassionate facilitators and other like-hearted souls, you feel free to express your innermost thoughts and emotions. You feel a profound sense of belonging and Sisterhood.


During this retreat at Frog Creek Lodge, you will:

  • Align your energy with the radiance of the summer sun and the expansive energy of the full moon.

  • Recognize and celebrate your sacred strength and unique gifts.

  • Open up to your own light and potential.

  • Unleash your creativity, finding a channel to communicate your aspirations and intentions.

  • Deepen your connection to the Earth.

  • Cultivate your connection to divine energies and living in gratitude.

  • Remember the sacredness of life, and reconnect with that part of you that is always at peace no matter what is happening in the world around you.

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Honoring the Spirit of Summer Solstice

At the heart of our retreat is the celebration of Summer Solstice, a time of reflection on personal growth and the profound meaning of the season of light and expansion. This moment, when there is the most light available to us, represents the pinnacle of consciousness, a time of renewal, abundance, and love.

Solstice Ceremony

Creating ceremony together in community is our way of acknowledging the life force energy within us and giving back to creation some of the blessings we receive daily. The Solstice signifies the Earth's fullness of strength, fertility, and abundance. Joining together, we celebrate our strength, pollinate our spiritual consciousness through sharing, and offer gratitude for the daily bounty we experience.

A Global Tradition

The Summer Solstice has been celebrated globally throughout history. Ancient civilizations, including Ancient Egypt, the Aztecs of Mexico, Chinese, Chumash Indians of California, and Indigenous Europeans, have embraced Solstice celebrations. In Western civilizations, it's often called Midsummer.

Living in Harmony

Summer is a time to deepen our connection to Earth, cultivate our connection to divine energies, and live with gratitude. By understanding that reciprocity and respect for all that is given to us is the way to live as if all life is ceremony, we strengthen and nourish the bond with the Great Mother who sustains us all.

Symbolism of the Solstice

The word "Solstice," derived from the Latin words Sol+systere, means "Sun" + "standing still." The Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year. Fire is symbolically used to praise the sun, asking for blessings of good fortune for our personal harvests and to illuminate the teachings of darkness. (We will gather around the fire pit to honor these blessings and teachings.) The spiral, a symbol associated with the Solstices, mirrors the Sun's movement from contraction at winter solstice to expansion at Summer Solstice. (Together we will follow the labyrinth in a celebration of collective expansion and blossoming.)

Observing Life's Blossoming

As we observe the blossoming of life around us, we receive the energy of vitality and experience awe for the generosity of the Earth. Join us in acknowledging the magic of the Summer Solstice, a day known for spiritual growth and healing, and let this be a transformative chapter in your story.

Nurturing Activities to

Ignite Your Spirit


Daily Outdoor Yoga Sessions

Feel the gentle embrace of the season in our daily outdoor yoga sessions.

As you move through each pose, align your energy with the radiance of the summer sun and the expansive energy of the full moon.

Harmonizing Full Moon Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in the transformative vibrations of a full moon sound bath. Let the celestial melodies resonate with images of the season, leaving you revitalized and centered under the cosmic influence of the Flowering Full Moon.

Sacred Sister Circles

Step  into sacred circles where trust and openness flourish, encouraging heartfelt sharing and support. Guided by compassionate facilitators, you feel free to express your innermost thoughts and emotions, fostering a profound sense of belonging and sisterhood.

Ritual Art

Unleash your creativity during our ritual art sessions. Through creativity find a unique channel to communicate your aspirations and intentions, giving form to your innermost desires.


Reconnect with Nature and

Your Radiant Self


Guided Walking Meditation

We explore the lush ten acres, where secluded walking trails wind through tranquil woods. Allow the vibrant energy of the summer solstice to cleanse your spirit. As you immerse yourself in the natural world, rediscover a profound connection to yourself and the universe around you.

Cozy Accommodation Amidst Nature's Embrace

Our accommodations- log cabin styling with bespoke decorative touches, are thoughtfully appointed to provide a warm and inviting haven. Nestled amidst tranquil surroundings, experience comfort, coziness, and the chance to replenish your energies for the days ahead.

Other Inviting Features of Frog Creek Lodge

Gather around the fire pit for heartwarming conversations under a starlit sky. Immerse yourself in the relaxing waters of the hot tub, surrounded by the serenity of nature. Decks with gorgeous views offer a perfect spot for reflection and connection. Wind your way along the labyrinth and deepen trust in your own truth and wisdom.

***Yes, you can afford it:

We have priced this retreat to be accessible to everyone who needs

and wants to attend. One of the ways we've kept costs low is by omitting expensive catering,

and instead we're offering a scrumptious and generous array of self-serve items

for breakfast, lunch and snacks, as well as in-house prepared dinners.

Enchanting Setting

Cozy accommodations nestled in nature's embrace on 10 acres of private

wooded grounds. Frog Creek Lodge, Lakebay, WA

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Meet Your Guides

Kelly George, co-creator of Zen Heart Center in Bothell, WA, is a 200 hour registered yoga instructor who is trained in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition. She has been practicing yoga for over 22 years and has a deep passion for sharing embodied practices that honor the mind-body-spirit connection. Kelly became certified in Vibrational Sound Therapy in 2019 and enjoys facilitating grounding and nourishing group sound baths. Kelly also earned a Masters Degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington-Bothell where her research focused on utilizing alternative pedagogies, such as indigenous knowledge, yoga, and mindfulness/meditation, as a tool to recognize our cosmic interconnection to all of the web of life. She incorporates mindful meditation into every class and emphasizes the importance of alignment and balance, both on and off the mat.

Debbie Carlson-Gould, also co-creator of Zen Heart Center, is a certified Spiritual, Energy and Life Coach, certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, and Shamanic Practitioner. She is a former stressed-out workaholic who beat ovarian cancer in 2016. After healing from cancer, she embarked on a soulful journey of self-discovery and sacred healing- exploring and engaging in many spiritual and healing energy practices. Through these experiences her true purpose was revealed: to support and guide others to thrive as the wholly Divine Humans they were born to be. Debbie has been leading women's circle for many years, integrating ritual and ceremony, and has supported hundreds of women in unleashing their inner badass and embracing their unique power as women.

Is this you?

  • You yearn for experiences that are soul-inspiring, heart opening, and above all, life-changing.

  • You want to feel vibrant and expansive.

  • Your soul hungers for deeper meaning.

  • You crave freedom and time to recharge your spirit and nurture your creativity.

  • You desire safe space to connect with other like-minded women, and to feel truly seen and heard.

  • You are ready to make lasting changes in your life.

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Join Us in Blooming!

The Flowering Full Moon Summer Solstice Retreat is a tapestry of collective growth, individual blossoming, and shared radiance. Reserve your space now, and let the magic of this solstice be a transformative chapter in your story.

**Dates: Thursday through Sunday, June 20 - 23, 2024

**Frog Creek Lodge, Lakebay, WA, USA

**Your Investment: $1111 - $1606



• 3 nights/4 days lodging at Frog Creek Lodge

• Immersion in nature

• 8 vegetarian meals (3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners)

• Lots of healthy snacks

• Daily outdoor group yoga

• Daily sacred sister circle

• Daily writing reflection

• Harmonizing Full Moon Sound Bath

• Take-home Ritual Art project

• Group Ritual Art- Sacred Mandala

• Fire and movement ceremony

• Guided Walking meditation

• Access to hot tub, wooded walking trails, labyrinth, pond, and 10-acre grounds.

• Seasoned Facilitators to guide your journey

• A self care gift bag

What’s NOT included: • Your round-trip airfare to and from home •Transportation to and from Frog Creek Lodge • Toiletries, personal care items • Alcoholic beverages • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (we do recommend you have this just in case)

***If traveling from outside Western Washington, please contact us for help with travel tips.

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Secure Your Radiant Space

Please read carefully

**Limited spaces available. **Secure your spot early.



  • Shared room accommodates 2 persons, with shared bath.

    • $1111 per person.


  • Enchanting private tree house accommodates up to 2 persons in one queen bed, with private bath, mini kitchen, electric fireplace. Perfect for your own personal, private space; or for besties, sisters, couples.

    • $1246 per person double occupancy.

    • $1606 per person single occupancy.



• A deposit of $333 is required to hold your space.

• Tell us which accommodation you choose. (see above)

• The balance of your investment is due no later than 5/20

(May 20). We will send you reminders.

• Make all payments via Venmo.

• Use @kelly-george-333.

• Complete and submit a registration form.



• Cancellation after May 20 will result in a total loss of your $333 deposit.

• Cancellation after June 13 will result in loss of your total investment.



• Make $333 deposit via Venmo @kelly-george-333

• When we receive your deposit, we will email you a registration form.


We can't wait to welcome you to our circle of empowered women!

QUESTIONS? If you have questions, please contact us at or

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